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 ConCab began in 1965, providing quality cable products imported from Germany to more than 20 countries with the trust of customers around the world. ConCab obtained certifications of VDE, UL, CSA, HAR, GL, PTB, CE, passing through double certification standards of the European and North American.
Oil resistant flexible control cable of German CONCAB provides three times the normal elasticity of PVC, sheath oil and chemical reagents. There are many customers around the world: China, the United States, Canada, Europe, France, England, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Russia and so on..
¡¡¡¡For the sake of promoting the sales, the brand of Concab were going to penetrate the Chinese market. Concab asked YBS Consulting to name the brand in Chinese with some demandes that the name must be internationalization and easy for communicating.
¡¡¡¡Commined with features of the cable and language propagation, the professional team of YBS Consulting served Concab carefully.

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